Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump Towers

Trump Towers, Pennsylvania Ave.

I guess it's set in stone now.


  Rancid Culture                       


In a nutshell: Because prepubescent white girls are being taught to shoot like a mother-fker (very strong language). Okay, I admittedly only watched a few  minutes, but what I find equally fascinating are the comments,  which follow this line:

BE WARNED! I spotted some of the most clever most strategic attack on white people. Check out Pastor Dowell youtube channel and see what I'm saying. He has a video talking baout how white Christians "MUST" and "WILL" "BE DESTROYED" He stands behind a veil of serving Yahshua JEsus Christ but he attacks Christians of America because of all the Roman Pagan ...


Ya, It's getting pretty bad man. Sad too because I have always been a Christian and now all of a sudden I'm a seed of Satan because I'm white. Pretty serious stuff about to happen to us whites.


Actually, if you're White, you must be the seed of Adam, probably Jacob. What's about to happen to us is just another volley int he long battle to lay waste to the camp of the saints. God will bring us through.

William Straughan
showed my kids how to shoot and now grand kids for this reason

Chad Gresham

This video is right we can't win a war against them. But we do have an ace in the hole....you know that bible you read everyday..., the Jews were not white we are one of the lost tribes of Israel God will repay

Kenneth Solomon
genesis 27;39-40
And Isaac his father answered and said unto him,behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above;
And by the sword shalt thou live, and shalt  serve thy brother;  and it shalt come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion,that

The Final Breakdown

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest; The End  Game

Detectives are considering a hate-crime enhancement in some of the cases because the suspects clearly targeted Asians.

The crimes targeting Asians have followed a pattern: The victims are robbed and attacked just as they exit their vehicle in a parking lot or at home, according to police and witness accounts.

At least 10 suspects have been arrested in connection with the spate of crimes, but detectives have not released details or mugshots.

Google justified in blocking ads on “hate speech” website
According to conservative news site WorldNetDaily, Google notified site administrators of plans to block Google ads on WND content. Google representatives objected to WND’s repeated use of the phrase “black mobs” during a two-year run of articles focused on black-on-white crime. The phrase “black mobs” appeared in more than 670 WND stories.

Helter Skelter?  Yes ma'am.

Unlike the
the long list of skyrocketing (since 2009) Black on White crime, the recent staged and choreographed (by George Soros's BLM) attacks on police, and other general mayhem, are "purpose built;" fitting nicely into a script designed to destabilize the United States with the purpose of creating a pretext for imposing martial law.  So there's that. 

The second danger is this.  Obama's DOJ's  cherry picking what crimes to prosecute, and the Administration's refusal to enforce legislated immigration law, is text book.  What happens when people lose respect for the law?  Vigilantism. More pretext. Well, young Blacks have been manipulated into that belief, and it's apparently spreading.  Do you have faith in our  justice system?  What's your trip wire?

And finally.  Hate crime?  Laws that give government the ability to create crime ala carte. A version of which Google is using to squelch speech they don't like (along with manipulating millions to favor Clinton).



Sometimes Michelle forgets that she is a woman

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