Friday, September 23, 2016

Why Worry?

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Shopping w/ Deplorable Helly

Starbucks Psycho

I saw this guy at Starbucks today.

 No iPhone. No tablet. No laptop. 

He just sat there drinking coffee.

Like a psychopath.

Can Obama use martial law ...

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Provoking Racial Unrest

Can Obama use martial law to keep White House after 2016 election?

(YES.  Why the civil strife created by BLM? Why the terrorist  activity by ISIS agents he's dumped on the USA, etc.?)

If anyone believes this idea is far-fetched, please consider the numerous emergencies that Obama has put America in position to experience in the next two years
AN ANTONIO, Aug. 3, 2016 — Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon and a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has stated that he believes there is a chance that the 2016 elections may not be held at all.
Widespread anarchy gripping the country could be reason enough for the Obama administration to announce the implementation of martial law and the suspension of some, if not all, of Americans’ constitutionally protected rights — including the right to vote and hold national elections.

On the surface this seems unbelievable, but upon further analysis, Carson’s ominous suggestion is plausible; this is an extremely unnerving scenario that all Americans should be aware of and ready for.

The Obama administration has very quietly and subtly done many inexplicable things that could very well be precursors to the suspension of some, if not all, of Americans’ rights.
If anyone believes this idea is far-fetched, please consider the numerous emergencies that Obama has put America in position to experience in the next two years
Carson went on liberal radio host Alan Colmes’ radio show and the discussion eventually came to whether or not Dr. Carson plans to run for president in 2016. He said that there may not even be elections in 2016; when pressed to explain further, Carson said,
If in fact we continue to have all these decrees being made the way they’re being made, if in fact we don’t fight the kind of war that needs to be fought in order to really put an end to the threat that is brought on by ISIS, if we continue along a pathway of financial irresponsibility, if we continue along a path of envy, greed, and hatred — what happened with Occupy Wall Street will be a cakewalk compared to what will begin to happen in this country.

When Colmes pushed Carson further on the possibility of cancelled or postponed elections, Carson responded, “I don’t want to find out, I really don’t want to find out. I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we are going down. This pathway where everything is framed in a political sense and our representatives are not working for the people, they’re working for their party.”

Martial law is “a system of complete control by a country’s military over all activities, including civilian, in a theoretical or actual war zone, or during a period of emergency caused by a disaster such as an earthquake or flood, with the military commander having dictatorial powers … In many foreign countries martial law has become a method to establish and maintain dictatorships either by military leaders or politicians backed by the military.”
In America, martial law must be called for by the president, who would then suspend most, if not all, of our constitutional rights, and only the president would be able to reinstitute our constitutional structure and declare an end to martial law.

These law enforcement branches Obama has created are not comprised of just one or two security guards. Obama has armed these agencies to the teeth. Maj. Gen. Jerry Curry, a 40-year, decorated, military veteran, wrote an op-ed for the Daily Caller pointing out how, in addition to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s purchase of 46,000 hollow-point bullets, the Social Security Administration (SSA) bought 174,000 hollow-point bullets.
So, what if this eventuates? Think about it; what do you see as a proper response by a  nation held hostage?  A nation where fully 50% + have been conditioned by educators and media to follow blindly?  That you have a cache of weapons and a zillion rounds of ammo mean nothing without  structure.  Where is that structure?Where is the pool of military experince available in a nation who have relied on a volunteer army since Jan. 27, 1973?

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