Monday, September 26, 2016

and the media say...!

We’re way beyond media bias. They are all-in. The media is the Hillary Clinton campaign staff. There’s not even a pretense of objectivity. It’s so bad, the New York Times had to write a front-page story last weekend talking about how painful it is for real journalists for the first time in their careers out of a sense of duty to adopt an oppositional stance to a candidate. They’ve never done that before, and since they’ve had to do it with Trump, it also looks like they’re pro-Hillary, and they’re so uncomfortable with this! 
(Rush Limbaugh 8/15/2016)
Sunday News Items

Trump Breaks Early Voting Record In Florida: National Landslide Looms

So Long Ohio” …Hillary Is Giving Up on Buckeye State

Sunday Media

WaPOST - Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate

ABC News - Clinton-Trump Race Narrows on the Doorstep of the Debates (POLL)


So, this baby seal walks into a club.

Drill Here ....

And other massively stupid people ......                     
Fake YouTube video claiming to show users how
to get sound output: Hilary rity ensues


The Big Yawn ...

           People are always asking. "Say, Rodge .. 

FWIW, Mother Superior (MoSup) has some renown in her circle for ability to diagnose medical stuff.  A few weeks ago she offered that Hillary's problem is consistent with Myasthenia gravis with Narcolepsy. 

If so, she is absolutely disqualified for, not just the presidency, but  driving a car!  That, on top of her other pathologies ... Ahem.  BTW, it would seem certain that her physicians are aware of this, and patient confidentially be damned, ought be ringing alarm bells.

Reid, Reiner, and other crap

What I See

I was drawn to this "Hewitt Zings Joy Reid" item yesterday, for the obvious reason, but also by the specter of  smug c*skr  Rob Reiner, and peripherally the adjacent panel of ads. Didn't see the text, only the graphics.  See what I mean? Is it just a man thing? And tell me you don't want to slap Reiner like a bitch.