Tuesday, November 08, 2016

11 yr old Millie ....

Votes and Rewards

I am now sufficiently crabby

I voted. I thawed. I ate.

We voted a straight American ticket. After nearly 9 days of a bread and water/rosary fast, I was starting to tremble. Came home and ate this crab cake that Hucker gave me 8 days ago. It was delicious.

By the by, we were standing in line and MoSup heard a woman grumble "why in heaven do they have to check I.Ds?  Who the heck is going to cheat?"MoSup turned around; recognized the lady as a known Obamunist, and replied, "Democrats."

Actually, she did not say that until we were in the car. But it was a sweet thought.

Chris Matthews SAID WHAT?


Holy F'N Shti!

Bill Murray's Dog

Catch of the Day