Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kamala Harris tries to burn ‘science deniers’

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California Attorney General and soon-to-be U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is entering national politics leaving no doubt where she stands on “climate change” and those who disagree:

however ....

ASIDE: Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods is a favorite.  Recently he was in Romania, or some such, where villagers were slaughtering hogs for a traditional communal pig roast.  The head dude said they were worried because the EU were about to ban this sort of "home cooking," in favor of licensed controlled operations.  That's what came to mind just now with this story about Kamala Harris. 

The gold ring for one worlders (supports or believes in any of various movements to establish a world government or a federation of nations stronger than any individual nation, for the purpose of promoting the common good.) is climate law.  Because under it's aegis a government  agency can control every aspect of  human endeavor.  Can trump legislation.  Can tax or ban anything that produces heat. Today's Democrat Party are all-in one worlders. And they were soooooo close to subjecting the United States to various "treaties" that would, in effect, give the UN dominion over our economy.  Trumps election then was like losing a  winning mega-buck lottery ticket.

Oh.  There's this ...

Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denialist, to Lead EPA



Solid Asian Gold1 week ago
Either the Clintons' are guilty of serial murder, or they just happen to have miraculously beaten the same odds a person would have done if winning Power Ball three times in a single lifetime! > uh, uh, I'M NOT BUYING IT!

40 out of 9000 members ....

When President Obama took office, he gave journalists great hope by promising unprecedented transparency. The reality has proven to be eight years of slippage in nearly every facet of openness. As the president prepares to leave office, the Society of Professional Journalists have noted the disappointing shortfalls.

Forty journalism and open-government groups sent a letter to White House press secretary Josh Earnest* in September after he called for journalists to give the president credit for improvements in government transparency. The Society of Professional Journalists and other groups have “repeatedly outlined to the administration various ways in which transparency has gotten worse” including:
  • Officials’ blocking reporters’ requests to talk to specific people
  • Excessive delays in answering interview requests, stretching past reporters’ deadlines
  • Refusing to give reporters what should be public information unless they agree not to say who’s speaking
  • Federal agencies’ blackballing of reporters who write critically of them
  • Lack of meaning visual access to the pressmen try an independent press pool

ASIDE : The SBJ membership base is more than 9,000 members of the media.