Friday, December 30, 2016

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Poll: Half of Hillary’s Voters Believe Russia
Tampered With the Actual Vote Tallies

When polled, 50 percent of respondents who identified as Hillary voters actually believe that “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President.” Fifty-two percent of Democrats said the same.

I'm Shocked!

Gotcha. I lied.

Where the Obamas lecture us


Obama Uses Christmas to Lecture Christians on Tolerance

On Dec. 23, Obama released a statement wishing Jewish people around the world a happy Hannukah season. Three days later, on Dec. 26, the president published well wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa, commemorating the holiday as “a joyous time to reflect on the rich African-American culture.”

The White House’s website, however, was notably silent on Dec. 25. [full]
To the surprise of who?
Stu Tarlowe

When Libs attack Ralphie ...

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Many look on, aghast, at the brutal public shamings so frequently meted out to those who say almost anything mildly insensitive. They don't like threats to individual rights made in the name of sensitivity. They notice that everything the political and cultural elite disagrees with is quickly defined as bigotry. Moral pressure even induced both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to embrace the absurd idea that immigration law is per se racist.

"A Christmas Story" is such a popular movie that two different cable networks run it for 24 hours straight around Christmas time.

No doubt its latest excesses will be outdone by yet more egregious flourishes in 2017. But there is some hope even in that; cults and empires are at their most extravagant and unstable in their death throes.
It surely never occurred to anyone before 2016 to write, let alone publish, a 1,500-word essay about how it is a subtly racist movie that exemplifies white privilege and conceals the ways the Northern Indiana town it was set in was built on oppression.

This silly essay is just a single bullet fired in our long cultural battle over political correctness. The aggressors are members of a left-liberal-dominated elite determined to bend public morality according to their biases and hatreds. They believed until about 9 p.m. on Election Night that they had successfully established their own brand of tyrannical relativism.

But there is and never has been national consensus on these matters. And the result of the election suggests that America has reached a point at which it is sick to death of being lectured by busybodies about what ordinary people may think and say in decent society. {FULL}
".....a subtly racist movie that exemplifies white privilege and conceals the ways the Northern Indiana town it was set in was built on oppression.?"

Lord help us.

I'm not making this up ...

Rasputing Sheen


Does Sheen remind you of someone?  (ROLLOVER)

Soros in Uniform


Ron in Ohio writes ...

  • "A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth." - Joseph Goebbels
  • "A lie told often enough, becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

Now we have George Soros, billionaire, avowed Commie, former NAZI collaborator,  broadcasting to the world:

"Democracy is now in crisis"

Can ya' really believe that you are reading this crap? Just to refresh your memory - Here's a picture of a young WWII George Soros, resplendent in his NAZI uniform:

The real joy is Ron's picture of Soros in uniform; something new to me. 

Previously: George Soros Conjures Hitler In Attack On 'Ascendant Populists', Warns "Democracy Is Now In Crisis"

Legal Insurrection op 10

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A few years ago I said that Red State's Erick Erickson was my go-to guy.  And then he wasn't.  Today I'm saying that William A. Jacobson's Legal Insurrection is the best, most diverse (ah, diversity) blog extant. Here are his 10 most viewed posts of 2016.

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