Saturday, January 07, 2017

Because it's Bill Fkn Murray!

Hey There!


Anonymous said...

I know Bill Murray isn't for everyone - and his heyday (at least comedy wise) was mostly before my time -- but man, I've always dug the smarmy dickhead shtick. I have to think it's the same thing that endears me to a lot of British comedy and comedians.

Pretty interesting to hear him in this sort of interview, because I don't think he plays along like this anymore in his older age. Really good video.


Anonymous said...

British comedy really is the best. The old Monty Python Show was the very tops. And John Cleese easily topped just about anything Bill Murray had to offer up.


Helly said...

Nothing from Britain comes close to Ghost Busters.

Skoonj said...

I loved Monty Python, and also the Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister series.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on people.....NOBODY was ever better than Benny Hill!!!!


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