Monday, January 02, 2017

CALIF.Legalizes Child Prostitution


Jess said...

For years, it's been "it's for the children". I guess California is first in line to help them understand the basics of an underground economy, child prostitution, the rules of commerce, and how to pat down their john's to insure they aren't carrying a wire, or a weapon.

If I had to describe their current action, I'd have to say they became so open minded, their brains fell out.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton, vacationing in the L.A. area, was unavailable for comment.

Sir H the Comet

toadold said...

The "progressives" in the California legislature are in all probability pedophiles and they just want to increase the stock and keep the prices down.

Anonymous said...

So when they turn 18 it's illegal again? Lets all encourage them to secede. -Anymouse

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