Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Field Guide to Black Bloc Terrorists

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Unrest

With the inauguration of Donald Trump just days away, droves of his supporters are preparing to meet in Washington D.C. to welcome the new President. But there are also darker forces assembling; a gathering of at least 75 anarchist, socialist and communist groups preparing for an event called #DisruptJ20 that has officially called for violent Black Bloc protesters to gather at 10:00 am on Friday, January 20th in Washington D.C. at the Logan Circle and the Francis Scott Key Memorial.

Black Bloc Tactics
The article gives the criminal participants detailed advice on how to break the law. It explains the materials that the Black Bloc is encouraged to bring and how to use it. Anyone attending the inauguration should be on the lookout for protesters who may boast the following.

▪ Provisions: water (plenty, especially if you’ll be dressed in hot gear or expect chemical weapons attacks), food (don’t rely on shops or shopkeepers in contested zones), etc.

▪ Camouflage: different layers of clothing for different purposes or stages of the action

▪ Defensive gear: banners, shields (possibly disguised as puppets or placards), steel-toed shoes (should still be comfortable for running!), body armor or padding, gas masks or goggles and bandannas soaked in lime juice (store in ziplock bags until necessary), rain coats or chemical protection gear (if there is a risk of chemical attack), whatever relevant medical supplies you know how to apply, etc

▪ Offensive gear: spraypaint, projectiles, slingshots, signs or flags on thick poles (or just plain poles), molotov cocktails, bright lights (to obscure police or camera vision during night actions), ladders and/or bolt cutters for scaling or breaching barriers, etc.

▪ Communications equipment: hand radios, cell phones, police scanners, flags, drums, shared codes for making internal announcements

▪ Transportation: bicycles, enough change for the subway.


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toadold said...

Black Block gets their money from overseas communists.

oy vey ole' said...

A blueprint is needed to officially condemn Obama as an American traitor.

Anonymous said...

oy vey ole' said.......officially condemn Obama as an American traitor.

Buraq has proved again and again by his actions and words he's an enemy of America, a spy, a saboteur, an enemy agent, but not a traitor, because he's not an American.
I pray for the day the full truth about him is uncovered and he is humiliated, condemned and expelled.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

It's going to be interesting, I think Sorros has completely ripped off Hedey Lamarr on this one. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

I'm seein' "PAUL RYAN" on the right...but
WHO'S on the left?

Hedley Lamarr said...

That's "Hedley!"

Rodger the Real King of France said...


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