Thursday, January 26, 2017

Has the Eagle landed?

Holy Makkel Andy!  This, I think, is the first story I've come across, about Trump, from entrenched media, that doesn't take a shot at him; instead writing an informative review.


Unknown said...

Trump's "dizzying pace", his "robust schedule" may be the key to why the Left finds him so aggravating. As we watch Trump go from inauguration on a Friday to getting down to work in the Oval Office on the following Monday and having apparently not let up since, we may be glimpsing one thing that those on the Left (many of whom happily turn out to march and “protest” because they don’t have obligations to a job or family vying for their time) resent so much about him, something they don't have, never will have, and don't even know enough to wish they had or to admire in others: his work ethic.

Anonymous said...

The press isn't giving him the traditional honeymoon and he's not taking one. He won't be setting records for golf and vacations like their hero Obama.

rickn8or said...

Maybe he's taken a page out of Obama's "One fucking thing after another" playbook.

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