Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hate Filled Harpies


Anonymous said...

Stay out of my uterus. After you write the check. Nothing says 'strong independent woman' like a demand that someone else be forced to pay your bills.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of blow, how can Madonna have time to protest when she owes maybe 25 million blow jobs to guys who voted for Clinton?
She's not reliable, so I won't listen to her. Never did, but I thought I'd add that. It's about as relevant as all the other celebs and wannabe celebs who showed up in DC for the wymyn.
I made a list of the celebs who showed up and will be sure not to purchase anything with them in it. They also get added to my "Flog" list for after the Reformation is accomplished.
BTW, is Cher enbalmed? She looks like a mummy.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

toadold said...

Fun, some Canadian SJW's were stopped at the border and asked what their business was in the US. The told the US agent that they were going to Washington DC to protest the Trump inauguration. The were photographed, finger printed, and denied entry, and couldn't understand why. I need to find some Canadian Popcorn....The SJW's continue to Schlong themselves.

toadold said...

Almost fergot. A bunch of Australian virtue signalize twats were holding a march to protest trump. Someone hired a Skywriter who put up a Big TRUMP in the sky.....bwahahahahha.

MAX Redline said...

I was kinda hoping that LEOs would go after "madonna" for that. Gosh I'd like to see her locked up.

Anonymous said...

Why do these disgusting bastards hate innocent does?


Jess said...

Personally, I feel that about 75% of the women marching would gain some respect if they lost about 50 pounds. That, and stop wearing ridiculous hats shaped like a vagina, with their face in the middle.

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