Thursday, January 26, 2017

“Lock her up!”


 ... election high showing no sign of dissipating

Res Ipsa LoquiturTexas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez could be in for chants of “Lock her up!” if she fails to comply with state and federal immigration laws.

Travis County, which includes the city of Austin as its county seat, was catapulted into the national sanctuary city debate when the newly elected Hernandez announced last week that her department would no longer cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Following Hernandez’s declaration, Abbott swiftly announced that there would be dire consequences for Texas localities that disregard the law.  [FULL]


toadold said...

What's that you say Lassie, Timmy was interviewing Raul Castro when a UAV blew them both away.

Billll said...

Nice picture of a truck hauling fuel to the solar power plant.

Anonymous said...

The microscope cover "mistaken" for a KKK hood is priceless!
The commentator keeps saying, "This has to be a put-on", as if "snowflakes" couldn't possibly be that fucking stupid. But they are, they are!

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