Thursday, January 05, 2017

The deal that Obama made with Iran ...

They Clapped while They Took
Away  from the Jews

The deal that Obama made with Iran, a deal that facilitates their ability to fulfill their wish of shooting nuclear warheads into the heartland of Israel, was made possible by the consent of the many Jewish Senators who had the ability to stop this dreadful potential Holocaust by simply voting against the measure. They did not.

Barry Farber's current column in World Net Daily [] makes the case that the U.N. (despite its lofty ideals) is worse than useless, and that the U.S. should renounce its membership and evict the U.N. from NYC (an idea long-espoused by the John Birch Society, which group needs to be viewed apart from the way it's been demonized by Leftist

As if there weren't already enough reason to condemn the U.N., stop funding it and get the hell out, the cheering reaction of its members to the passage of the recent anti-Israel resolution provides even more rationale for that course of action.


By Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Normally, when the U.N. Security Council passes a resolution, a vote is taken and the result recorded. Period.  Something very unusual happened after the Security Council voted to declare Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria as Arab/Islamic land. The representatives of the nations applauded and celebrated what they had just done by giving themselves a standing ovation. They clapped not so much in behalf of what they gave to “Palestinians” but more so in declaring the Jewish tie to the Old City of Jerusalem as illegitimate and Israel’s attachment to the Temple Mount and Judea and Samaria as illegal.
 Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod were his chief strategists in the early years when the war against Netanyahu and Israel was launched by the White House. Wendy Sherman was his chief negotiator for the Iran Deal and Jack Lew was a chief advisor and, later, the Treasurer who figured out how to release the billions of dollars to the mullahs of Iran while convincing the Jewish community that “the Deal with Iran was in the best interest of Israel.”
It was a celebration by too many of the nations of the world against the history of the Jewish People and their Covenant to the Holy Land. It was an act of anti-Semitism.

While Obama finds it easy to socialize with leftwing Jews and employ Jews to implement his agenda and articulate his transnational narratives, he does have a problem with the concept of Jewish sovereignty in those places where he feels Islam must prevail.  His idea of Judaism, as he has stated, is for the Jewish people to sacrifice its aspirations in behalf of causes he considers more important: for example, the Black cause in America and the cause of Islam worldwide… and especially the cause of “Palestinians.”

Truth is, Obama feels this way even regarding America -- that America should subsume its needs in behalf of movements and countries he deems more worthy. Obama has a strange morality.  So as to spare the honor and the good name of Islam he has refused to fight during his tenure in behalf of the millions of innocent Christians being killed by the bloody hands of radical Islamic forces, and has ignored the pain of victims of Islamic terror by focusing and sermonizing about “Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.”

There are by definition no Democrat pols who believe in God.


Anonymous said...

"There are by definition no Democrat pols who believe in God."
Remember at their convention in 2012 when they actually BOOED GOD?!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

No. Really? Missed that one.

Anonymous said...

Really? You missed THIS?:

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