Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Trump Contingency

   HELTER SKELTER                          

In an absolutely stunning CNN segment, the anti-Trump cable news networks media analyst Brian Stelter floated the idea that the impending Trump presidency is an actual national emergency.

The “astonishing exchange” between Stelter and talking heads Liz Wahl and Julia Ioffe occurred Sunday when Wahl actually claimed that Trump’s win somehow undermined our democracy before Stelter floated a sinister idea that if taken literally could be seen as pre-programming for an eventual Obama announcement of an actual national emergency.

This strikes a cord with me because almost from Obama's first inauguration I've been wary of this guy.  I came to absolutely believe that, given the right circumstances, and opportunity, Barry would declare a national emergency, and like any good South American dictator put his junta in charge.  Right or wrong,  it will not surprise me to later find out that Donald Trump was secretly inaugurated at the stroke of midnight on Jan 20. 

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drew458 said...

Good grief, I haven't seen that picture since 1965!

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