Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump Fires ...



Skoonj said...

When she took her action to undermine the president, he took just a couple of hours to fire her. When I first heard of what she did, I knew he couldn't wait till tomorrow.

She was insubordinate and according to civil service law, I think he's entitled to not only fire her, but take away any pension. If that is true, I hope he does. There are several departments and agencies which still don't have Senate approved heads (thank you Mitch McConnell, and by the way will you please get rid of the filibuster? If you don't, I'm coming down there to get there, if Trump doesn't beat me to it. If harsh action isn't taken, other holdover acting heads will try the same thing.

Jess said...

Her subordination is remarkable, and a clear example of how the Obama Administration subverted the Department of Justice.

May all with her opinion either quit, or be fired....by sunset today.

rickn8or said...

"Pour encourager les autres."

Skoonj said...

As a matter of fact, from The Strategy Page, today in military history:

1945 Pvt Eddie Slovik, executed "to encourage the others", at 25

Thank you, rickn8or.

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