Thursday, February 09, 2017

And the 'Party of Hate' are ....

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Leonard Jones said...

I predicted what we are seeing back in the
92 campaign. I maintained that if the left
lost just a few percent of some of the small
disparate groups that make up it's coalition,
that the party would disintegrate.

The Trump revolution triumphed precisely
because his campaign played the new media like
a cheap fiddle. He knew all he had to do was
bypass the drive-by media and he would win.

That and he rejected the conventional
wisdom of the brainiacs that constitute
the professional campaign consultants. He
proved as Limbaugh stated decades ago,
that if one articulates a conservative agenda,
the Republican candidate will win every time!

Anonymous said...

Ditto's Rog -Anymouse

Anonymous said...


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