Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Chelsea Broke

Somewhere if this story you will find 
teh clinton foundation



Anonymous said...

Is there some where we can send money? To help? Like GOFUNDME or such? I worry that ....... I can go on. Schadenfreude is kicking my ass right now! :)

Tom Smith said...

It was heavily invested in Clinton Foundation shares.

iOpener said...

Very soon Mr. Mezvinsky will be divesting himself of a poorly performing, and ugly, asset.

Or at least he will try, but will soon discover that Clintons are Lampreys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chelsea can go back to NBC and get her $500K no show job and work along side MeMeMegan Kelly. Watta team!


rickn8or said...

Does this mean they're going to have to move back in with Hillary and Bil?

Cheesy said...

Sonny boy sounds like the proverbial chip off the old jailbird:

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