Monday, February 06, 2017

Dem's Bitch McConnel

                                    We Have Met The Enemy ...


Speaking for myself  a lot of like-minded people, the reason I jumped on the Trump bandwagon early was because his bid was a challenge to the GOP.  They are, I said, a largely useless, self-serving, mollycoddling tribe of lick spittles.  An arm of the Democrat Party, so corruptted by power that there was no way in hell they could, or even want to, fight it out with Soros led ("My name is Legion, for we are many.") one-worlders. So it is then no real surprise that Boner's (and replacement Paul Ryan's) upper house comrade in harm would so quickly show his colors.


Jess said...

He's like most in D.C. that fail to realize the snowflakes, bureaucrats, and Starbucks sipping crowd are like wisps of odors downwind from a latrine. While he concentrates on them, he ignores the shit storm over the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Between Mitch and Susan Collins, it's a lame horse race to see who can give away the future of the average conservative voter. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

Mitch (formerly Buraq's Bitch) McConnell is the biggest roadblock to any serious reform in Congress and government. He's the scumbag who dug into his own campaign treasury and paid to bring out the Dem vote in a Missouri runoff involving a Tea Party candidate; he's the scumbag who gave Buraq all the money he wanted and more; he's the un-American bum who refused to fund the government one agency at a time by taking the easy way out with CR's. He's the scab who negotiated and approved the sequester that nearly castrated our armed forces, yet on the other hand, willingly voted for spending a trillion more than revenues every year for eight years of the Buraq Regime.
On top of that, he's not a leader nor a manager; he's just a backroom, underhanded, not very bright bully and major league liar, specializing in straddling the fence with his finger in the air to see which side to come down on.
Why on earth he is still the Majority Leader is beyond me.
Lt. Col. Gen Tailgunner dick

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