Sunday, February 12, 2017

Florida Democrat Brown ...


Corrupt (duh) Florida Democrat

It Begins


Anonymous said...

Reporting in from the big sandbar, you just made my morning Rog. Even better, anything that has this nitwits finger prints on it will have her handler, Maxine Waters prints on it too. Oh boy, the cries of Rayssissim that will erupt as Mr. Sessions introduces these scumbags to justice will be exquisite. You can probably sell her kooky hat collection to all those Carol City Church ladies to pay for some of the legal fees. -Anymouse

Billll said...

That would be EX congresswoman as she was defeated in the primaries by Al Lawson. Her district is described as one of the most gerrymandered in the whole country so we can eagerly await seeing if her replacement can be trained to be as corrupt as she was.

I suppose it won't be too much of a step to go from 22 years of living at the government expense to living the rest of them also at the government expense.

Anonymous said...

She's from my hometown of Jacksonville. She's easily the dumbest person to ever be elected to Congress.

JLW III said...

That's a high bar.

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