Friday, February 24, 2017

Hillsdale Law Course!


Learn how the Supreme Court has shaped our politics and our society

Understand the history and significance of the highest
court in the land in Hillsdale College’s free online course.

You’ll also learn how the role of the Supreme Court has moved away from its intended role and how these changes have undermined our Constitution and our freedom.

The course is delivered via email, with one lesson per week for 10 weeks. Each lesson features lively teaching and discussion boards, suggested readings, weekly quizzes, and more.


I don't think there is much argument here  about the desperate need to turn progressive judges upside down (ahem).  Here's a way to make sure our arguments are constitutionally rock solid. 

I'm thinking maybe we participants can have a weekly jam session here, where we can discuss the hard parts and confidentially gossip about what happened at the weekend keg party. 


Jess said...

The framers sure screwed up with the Supreme court thing. To keep senility from being an almost guarantee with lifetime appointments, they'd limited their terms to 8 years, and thrown at least one retired justice into a volcano every twenty years or so; just to keep things interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Good to see ya' publicizing these Hillsdale College courses Rog. I have been a subscriber for some years now. Hillsdale College does not take any of the Fed's money so they can't tell them what they can and cannot teach. They are one of the premier Conservative colleges in our nation.

leelu said...

Just enrolled.

When's the get-togethert??

toadold said...

Well it looks like we need to ban lawyers from serving as judges for a while. They are too easy to buy. Perhaps we can cut the salaries back also. If you haven't earned enough money in the real world you should be exposed to the temptations a judge is exposed to.
"How cold was it?," , "It was so cold lawyers were putting their hands in their own pockets."

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Next week: "Rush Weekend keggers"

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