Tuesday, February 07, 2017

'Leftist Fight Club'


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt they have what it takes. Serious pugilists have to know not only how to throw punches, but also how to take 'em. Not go crying to the ref or to mommy that it "isn't fair".

Anonymous said...

From the vids I've seen, the Leftists specialize in sucker punches and hitting smaller women.
One Sunday workshop does not make a fighter, but instead, probably instilled a false bravado that will get their ass whipped in other than a sucker punch scenario.
They had best keep their bashing to Gun Free Zones too, or they will come to know what it means to be outgunned.
Florida is a concealed carry state.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Unknown said...

Haven't they already violated the First and Second Rules of Fight Club?

Hey, I joined the Thesaurus Club. Their First Rule is "You don't talk, speak, chat, confer, converse, gab, natter, babble, prattle or blab about Thesaurus Club."

toadold said...

"The old man grabbed him by his belt, pulled him close and pricked him with his serrated blade sheep's foot folder and said, " I'm going to gut you like a chicken boy! ""

Anonymous said...

Wherezat quote from? Can't find it anywhere.

Tom Smith said...

That is cute and all but it should be pretty much confined to the gay and liberal communities. I do not see this happening in the south or rural areas.

Makes me giggle thinking about one of these skinny trust fund brats taking a cheap shot at even a skinny old lady down here.

Anonymous said...

why does this make me think of Ruth Buzzi?

Anonymous said...

James Coburn as Lewton Cole in Waterhole#3.
He steps out of a saloon to see a challenger in the street ready to draw on him "fair and square", mano a mano.
Coburn takes alook, walks behind a horse, pulls a rifle out of its scabbord, lays it across the saddle and plugs the guy.

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