Friday, February 03, 2017

LIKE IT'S 1861


LIKE IT'S 1861
by Skoonj

Or 1857 in India?

Published: 15 hours ago

If California declares itself a “sanctuary state,” it is saying that it is no longer obeying the laws of the United States. In other words, it has seceded from the nation, just as surely as Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861.

President Trump will have no choice but to treat California as President Lincoln treated the secessionist South in 1861. He will send federal forces into Sacramento to seize the Capitol and take the governor into custody. He must federalize the California National Guard, as Eisenhower did in the South during the school-segregation crisis. He will require the resignation of every mayor, sheriff and police chief who signed on to the sanctuary state and who refused to carry out the duties of their offices. Any who do not resign will be taken into federal custody.

No federal funding will go to California until a new government is installed. Any physical resistance will be met with force. Any other state contemplating sanctuary status must be given an object lesson of what will become of them.

By the way, once California has been declared to be in a state of secession, its entire congressional delegation, including both senators (both Democrats, by the way), will not be able to vote in Congress. The precedent was set during and after the Civil War. Any other states with delusions of grandeur may want to consider that.

It seems skoonj has been channeling me.  Had the very thing in my memory queue


Unknown said...

Most of us in ca would welcome all of the above.

Eskyman said...

Oh, please! Yes!
Be still my heart, just the thought makes me giddy!

And yes, I'm in the once-Golden State of CA myself.

Anonymous said...

It troubles me greatly that Lincoln is considered the authority on the subject, not the creator of our Republic. Which would also mean that Trump should march soldiers into the state legislature and arrest supporters of the issue. Then he can suspend habeas corpus, and arrest the chief justice etc....

Ole TJ spoke about secession on quite a few occasions

"If there were a “separation, God bless them both & keep them in the union if it be for their good, but separate them, if it be better.”

“If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union, or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left to combat it.”

I would love to see Cali leave, today if possible. The benefits to them are few, but for those who view life differently, the improvements possible are endless. And as I've said many times on here..Noooo Movsie Backsies! -Anymouse

Skoonj said...

Should California secede, whether President Trump takes the actions specified or not, its 55 electoral votes are gone forever. So, too, is any chance for the Democrats to win another presidential election.

Anonymous said...

Cali would be a buglight for true progressives, what pure of thought progressive wouldn't want to unass S. Texas or North Florida and move to the motherland? I imagine that many libs headed west would make a sort of flushing sound. Of course, us nasty red staters could issue a 1 year notice to stop paying welfare benefits, but might provide a voucher for a uhaul and some gas. The possibilities are just endless. Its sad that it came to this. I remember quail hunting in Orange County in 1985, and the landslide elections of Pete by God Wilson. It was all so red then. -Anymouse

DougM said...

You could also split it into two states, as was done with Virginia/West-VA.

Anonymous said...

Tempting as this thinking is, I urge you to reconsider it. The same could be applied to any other state that refused to obey Federal law, and a few years ago there were states threatening to ignore Federal _gun_laws_, and many of us cheered that.
Annoyed White Male

clayusmcret said...

Do we have to make them stay?

Anonymous said...

"The same could be applied to any other state that refused to obey Federal law, and a few years ago there were states threatening to ignore Federal _gun_laws_, and many of us cheered that."

The Second Amendment leaves federal gun laws in a questionable state.

CA's "sanctuary state" blathering has no such justification.

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