Tuesday, February 21, 2017

She said "Beclown"

Kemberlee Kaye: "There's a noticeable difference between the Trump presidency news cycle and the news cycle of Obama's White House tenure. We're barely one month into President Trump's term and I'm already so sick of the "Trump said _____ which is not technically correct, so we're going to pretend to be outraged, light our hair on fire, act like the demise of the republic is nigh, meanwhile, here are 21 reasons Trump should be impeached" schtick. There is little to no actual news reporting, the media collective is working overtime to gin up outrage where none exists and create news where there is no story. They may very well beclown themselves into oblivion. If ever there was a time I'm thankful to be a blogger, it's now." (Legal Insurrection 'Quick Hits')


Eskyman said...

Excellent comment from Kemberlee! Sums it up very neatly, and the meat of it for me is "There is little to no actual news reporting..." Nope, but there is sure a lot of Fake News that's made up from whole cloth!

(I'm so glad that Legal Insurrection has come back to the land of the living. It was once one of my daily-reading sites, where I regularly commented; but the Trump Derangement Syndrome got so bad there that I took LI out of my bookmarks.

Back then, any pro-Trump statement was met with a tsunami of hatred, and many regulars left or were banned. I've now put LI back in my bookmarks, and have noticed that some of the worst TDS sufferers are noticable by their absence. It's safe to breathe the air there once again!)

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:
I gotta' "ditto" your remarks about LI, although I never pulled them from my bookmarks. I did move them so far down the list that by my visiting 8-10 "go-to" sites a day (Including this one of Rog's) it has relegated LI into a "no mans land".

However, I'm still not satisfied enough to reinstate them to their former position. I still see too much anti-Trump crap on that site to suit me.

Even under the guise of, "Fair and Balanced" I believe all of their repeated fake news crap don't pass the test for the "Fair" portion of that equation. Anything written as fiction cannot be labeled as "Fact".

On a different note, since I can ask; Does anyone have a more direct line to Denny Wilson @ "Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta" that can tell me any progress in his getting his hacked site back on-line? I sure do miss my many times a day visits there.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the 'Grouchy Old Cripple' concern. I started reading him way back around the time 'Acidman', whom GOC referred to as 'Pumpman' (don't ask) blogged for a year or two and then went silent, felled by a heart attack or somesuch. I am praying that such a fate did not befall Denny Wilson.


Drew458 said...

Personally, as a long time blogger, I'm finding this a terrible time. How many times can you post the same old story; media has melt down because Trump said X? The real news is getting hard to find, drowned out by the "affronted" BS.

Hey, did you see the new NASA pictures from Ceres? Volcanoes, ice mountains, sensors picking up organic molecules? That's actual news.

Skip said...

Ditto on Denny.

Anonymous said...

Did Denny's "Grouchy Old Cripple" blog get hacked?

Or did he decide to shut the site down himself after he exploded about the constant nitpicking over his Saturday Boob girls?


poletax said...

It has been so long since I've been on that site, I forgot about it.

Ditto on GOC. I can't even get to him thru email.

BlogDog said...

I invited Acidman to a show by a friend of mine and despite him calling himself "king of the shit bloggers" (maybe it was crap bloggers), he was as gentlemanly as any good Southern man. I'm proud to have met him and spent at least a little time with him.

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