Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Surviving Life Without Connie

We were together for twenty years; twenty years where we were seldom more than ten feet apart from each other. For twenty years we worked in the same office, sat on the same couch, slept in the same bed, and in the end, when Connie was dying of Stage 4 cancer, I slept on the couch next to her recliner where she was confined  -- and when Connie finally died, my face was six inches from hers as I whispered my love for her.

Now my beloved Connie is gone, and I have to restart my life. This means clearing the debt, leaving the house where we lived together, and learning how to live without the woman who made my life possible. I'm a writer, and I have to write again, because it's all I know. So I'll be finishing those long-neglected novels, and yes -- I will start blogging again. I just need the funds to make that possible.

Please help me.Kim

Nearly halfway there! Please spread the word among friends and family, and help me reach my goal...

And many, MANY thanks to those who've given already. 
I think of Kim & Connie as national blog treasures.  I remember (recollect with increasingly rusty memory) when there came a time when Kim had landed a new job when! someone in the company looked at his blog, didn't like what he saw, and pulled the offer.  Worse, it seems that his advocacy of the Second Amendment, and raw patriotism was placed on some head-hunter list as "This guy is too controversial."  No job.  No income.  For a long time.  He was forced to go through the grueling chore of, not just closing his blog, but erasing all reference from the world-wide-web! Connie's equally good blog similarly disappeared.  Please give him a hand with what you can afford.

Remember to visit to see the new blog. Thanks.


Donald Curton said...

Everyone complains about freedom of speech, but between Kim and GOC, there's a real war going on against us.

Anonymous said...

any updates on GOC?

Kim said...

Thankee, Rodge. Connie always thought C&S was "too raw" for her -- which didn't stop her from howling with laughter when I'd read various of your pungent comments to her ((without mentioning their source).

It's nice to have friends on the Internet...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Wow, that's the same thing my wife says. Connie had taste.

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