Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yes Virginia, the assholes have jumped the shark


Oh my, the left are being dare I say fascists?

A recent study by The Cornell Sun student newspaper documented that 97% of faculty donations at Cornell Univ. went to Democrats, while an analysis by The College Fix showed that eleven departments at Cornell have ZERO Republican professors.
While Cornell is nowhere near as political or radical as many other Ivy League schools, such as Columbia, at the student level there is an overwhelmingly liberal and far-left bent among those students who are politically active.
Since the election of Donald Trump, left-wing campus political activism is on overdrive. Olivia Corn, President of the College Republicans, has been harassed and threatened:

The president of the Cornell University College Republicans was shoved to the ground and called a “racist bitch” the night after the election, and campus officials are currently investigating the incident.

“I was actually assaulted on campus for being a Republican,” Olivia Corn told The Tab. “I had someone throw me to the ground and say: ‘Fuck you, racist bitch, you support a racist party.”

Corn gave the same account to The Ithaca Voice.

“Out of nowhere I was on my phone and looking at my email and out of nowhere I felt two hands grab my shoulders and just sort of threw me to the ground, and they were yelling ‘Fuck you racist bitch, you support a racist party,’” Corn said.
But, Wait ...

This leftist activist is free speech’s worst nightmare
Noting that Felarca’s group’s name calls for fighting fascists “by any means necessary,” Tucker pressed her on what level of violence they are willing to use.
“To what extent would you go to stop [a] person from spreading ‘genocidal propaganda’?” Tucker asked.
Felarca said she would call on others to stand up, counter-protest and “shut down” that person.
The 55-year-old Obama is not content to go quietly into the night like other ex-presidents.


The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives

Nowadays, the student Left are unwilling to honour Savio’s legacy. On the 2nd of February, violent protests at Berkeley shut down a talk by popular conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. Instead of maintaining a liberal and free atmosphere for speech and argument, Berkeley students have become the gears, wheels and levers of the machine that (Mario) Savio wanted to stop.

Media SUICIDAL: President Trump Holds RECORD Approval Rating

I prepared this post a few days ago and failed to push the button because, what the hell!  There is no end to it.  I'm thinking that, barring an assassination attempt, or news that the Ninth Court of Appeals is split into two jurisdictions, why bother?  Nothing changes. I hate them.  They hate me.  Hate hate hate. It only adds to my frustration that I know what must happen.  And will happen, unless perhaps we are met with the threat of invading Martians, and refocus that hate.  Even then these snots will complain about diversity.   Plus, I don't want all that blood on my hands; blood that accrues on my mortal soul by its mere fantasy.  And besides, who wants to  nuke their alma mater? Unless it's Duke?


Anonymous said...

This assault on Ms. Corn is from the oh-so "tolerant" lefties.


Anonymous said...

Lemme see here. Which party thinks minorities cant figure out the complexities of the photo ID card? Which party owns the millions of black babies aborted? Naw, that isn't condescending or racist.

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