Friday, February 03, 2017

"Yesterday's New York Times editorial ...

  • Mark Finkelstein: "Yesterday's New York Times editorial condemning the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, contained a stunning admission.  The Times wrote that, as was Scalia, Gorsuch is an [emphasis added] "originalist, meaning he interprets the Constitution’s language to mean what it was understood to mean when it was written — an approach that has led both men to consistently conservative results." And so the Times admits that if the Constitution is interpreted in accordance with the intentions of the Founders, the results would be "consistently conservative." The only way liberal judges can achieve their political ends is to ignore those intentions. They are compelled to call the Constitution a "living document" that means whatever they say it means. In doing so, they trash our most important national treasure in the name of politics.  At least we now have the liberal newspaper of record on the record, in essence admitting that."

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