Friday, March 24, 2017


FWIW, we are working on restoring referral links, et. al. to this new format.  Also, Linda is working on allowing us to use your home wiring system and watch you take a shower.  Well, so far she refuses, but I'm sure she will come around.  $$$ Ahem.


Anonymous said...

You will need bleach 4 your eyes seeing me in my birthday suit.

Anonymous said...

As long as I don't get shocked, go ahead. You, OTOH, mighted be shocked if you look. Eh, go ahead and look. The Buraq Regime looked and listened, I'm sure, and unfortunately, they're still around.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Setting up the pay-per-view is challenging.


rickn8or said...

In my particular case, Linda is trying to do you and your eyes a favor.

gadfly said...

"We are working on restoring referral links, et. al. to this new format."

Forgive the accountants and engineers in your audience but we want to know:

Are you talking about the Comments Box that you are trying to keep at the at the bottom of each post? "Referral links," iewebsites that had used your url to reference a post, is incidental information to readers, but can be easily tracked using Statcounter or Google Analytics from a blog administrator's point-of-view.

If you don't like Blogger's built-in comment system, there is always the ever-popular Disqus, complete with its large membership or you could use IntenseDebate.

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