Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Family Matters

cinema à la carte                                 

I  watched the entire season of Versally in pretty much one dose.  Louis XIV, who reigned for nigh on 70 years, was a real pisser. At just 5'2" he lends himself to portrayal by most Hollywood actors, so there's that bit of reality too.  His brother, Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, was unabashedly effeminate and homosexual, and I do admit to having some squeamish moments with his bedroom play; but it's historically accurate, as is the entire production.  There is a steady stream of heterosex going on however, and none of the women are ugly.  We learn that ladies of that period did not go Brazillion. I finished the 10th, and final episode to discover that I was watching season one!  AWK. And S2 is yet to arrive. I'm left hanging.

 By the by, NetFlix is abandoning its rating system in April. Evidently because of complaints by the likes of Amy Schumer, that people who think she's a filthy slut and a boorish one trick pony gave her movie one star (
I know I did) and that  hurt her box office.   Where was I?  Oh, right, I give Versally 5 stars because, what else can I do after going without sleep and showers until I finished.

On a sad note, after watching a Louie C.K. special, the end credits memorialized recently passed comedians  One on them was John Pinette! Holy crap.  He died a few years ago  and I had no idea.  Over the years I've come to, not just like his humor, but think of him as a friend.  Srsly. I actually teared up. 

Me and MoSup habitually watch a movie/series with dinner.  Our all-time favorite series is Blue Bloods.  Amazon has six seasons, and we have S7  recorded live.  Having exhausted them all, we wanted to redo The Mentalist, but the CBS show is impossible to find.  Amazon is selling the series on CD for a mere $149.   Too much.  I went to eBay and bought the entire series, shrink wrapped box set, for $50!  We're now on season 2. 

When we finish I retire to my den, from whence I read mail, an watch more movies.  MoSup goes to One World News and immerses herself in the politcal outrages of the day.  This is a total role reversal.  I do my best to ignore the daily machinations of our ratbastard congress, and other Obamunists.  Because I must. Or go insane.


Anonymous said...

Shows I've been enjoying:
Gotham - Proto-Batman Bruce Wayne is just this rich kid trying to figure out who killed his parents and why. The real main character is Detective Gordon. Three seasons so far.
The Blacklist - James Spader plays an extremely intelligent international criminal who works with the FBI to capture other criminals for his own purposes. Season four ongoing.
Black Sails - Takes place about 20 years before Robert Lewis Stevenson's Treasure Island. You finally get to meet Captain Flint and a young Long John Silver and they're bad-asses. Currently in season four.
Vikings - What's to say? It's awesome. Again, four seasons.


Linda Fox said...

I just watched the first episode of Z: The Beginning of Everything (the story of Zelda & F Scott Fitzgerald) on Roku with my Amazon Prime membership, nad it was riveting. I'm plannig to make it my go-to binge for the next month or so.

Great costumes, and Christina Ricci is FAB as Zelda.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I too was blown away by "Z" BLOWN AWAY! My pick for best of the year. By the by, the characters actually look like the real Scott and Zelda; the sets are spot-on, and the history is nigh perfect. And Linda ... this is the kind of stuff you should POST. :D

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