Monday, March 06, 2017

I'm too old for this shit

Look, I have my blogger template, and I have my own domain. Will be happy to pay someone to 
restore it so I don't lose 15 years of stuff.

Blogger owned by Google


theo said...

Google web design there are many out there that can fix this problem for you. The last time this happened to me it wasn't that expensive. (You are probably on the leftists radar and they have purposely done it.)

jlw said...

i'd offer to help, but my expertise ends with off/on-volume and the station selector.

if you do choose to quit, thanks for everything and i wish i had found you sooner.

if you choose to stay, i'll be around. (no, that's not intended as a threat)

Anonymous said...

Try this. Go to, create a free account. Select a pre-made wordpress theme that you like. With your username and login at blogger, wordpress can snarf up all the posts here along with graphics,etc. Then you can tweak the wordpress site as you like it, no code required, menu choices.

Even if you do not point your domain at your wordpress site in the end, you will have a backup of all your posts (work) up to now on it. Then anything goes wrong you can import that work to a new site. Almost all blog software has a tool to import the posts from a different blog on a different blog platform.

MAX Redline said...

^Beat me to it. I used Blogger some years ago, no more.

Anonymous said...

Wordpress is a good choice. Easy to learn what you need, a jillion free or reasonably priced plug-ins which allow you to do most anything with your blog. and lots of support.
I eschew the free blog hosting services because there are inexpensive services where for less than $200 for THREE years you can get unlimited space and bandwidth. The one I'm using right now is Anyway, the disadvantage I see to the free services is like what you just encountered, when they decide to make changes you're left without any choice about going along.
And, yes, moving from Blogger to Wordpress is pushbutton simplified. Or so I've read because I've never had to do it myself. I am by no means a guru, but I am an accomplished grasshopper if I can be of assistance. -- General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug.

Linda Sue O'Grady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda Sue O'Grady said...

I deleted the above comment to replace with this one.

Rodg, I checked the source code currently up. You need to change the size of the wrappers, the numbers are screwy. The outer-wrapper (which sets the total width of your blog) is 660, the posts are 410, and the sidebar is 220. The 410 and 220 don't add up 660, and 660 is too small.

1. First problem is your outer-wrapper. Change the number to 100%. Same for the header-wrapper, change it to 100% and your blog and header pic will fill the screen.

Your post-wrapper is at 410, too small. I think you can change it to 80% but check the preview, if that doesn't work, expand it by numbers, try 600, 700, etc. until it fits with the sidebar.

See if that helps, at least you'll have a viewable blog while you figure the other template out. I can help you, if you want.

poletax said...

It seems that some make sorry second placers.

Anonymous said...

Damn, first Denny and now you . .

Anonymous said...

I'm a systems administrator. We were having a problem with our current host,, so I spent considerable time researching hosting companies.

My first choice, which I've been using for about two months now, is inmotionhosting.
As a long-time linux command-line junkie, I scoff at the management services they of which is migrating current blogs to their machine.
Inmotionhosting has the least negative comments of all hosts, and aren't part of the
group of hosts, which I would avoid at all costs.

I'm not sure if they have a trial period or any money-back guarantee, but if I were you, that would probably be on top of my list.

My second choice, which we'll be getting in September to replace servint, is a1hosting. Also very few negative comments, but I haven't dealt with them yet.

As a wise man once said, 'don't let the bastards get ya down'.


Anonymous said...

Noticed the comment about wordpress.

There's and

To use you need a hosting site and you import the wordpress software to it, tweak it, have access to the code, etc., however, is a hosting site that provides a pre-packaged wordpress interface and you are subject to whatever changes THEY want to make. I've been using them for several years and if an archive of your older posts and pictures is your concern DO NOT use them. They truncate your archive after 3 years.

As I said, I've been with them and don't care they delete my older posts. But they WILL cut you off.

Caveat emptor.

Esteve said...

Would someone that Rodger trusts please meet him at the O'club and fix this. I'm getting edgy thinking this is really the end.

Anonymous said...

First Rodger's site goes wacky, then we learn about Vault 7.
Coincidence? I think not.
c.umulus n.imbusi ii

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Linda Sue O'Grady email me and I'll give you administrator privilege and give you money.

By the Bye, I already have a domauin, and have the most current Wordpress ... I just didn't want to mess with it before.

jlw said...

i sure hope that Linda Sue is still checking in.

i'm looking forward to the return that your post implies.

Jon said...

Roger, we are all hoping you can get this straightened out. I for one will admit that yours is the first blog I visit every weekday morning. I went through a grieving process when the Skipper (BMEWS) passed on. Don't leave us before your time if you can help it.


Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Email sent. Phone # included. Money is not necessary.

gadfly said...

Since your displays properly, why can't you copy the blogger template from that site and replace the fu*ked-up one at curmudgeonlyskeptical?

Just trying to help in case this might be an easy fix.

Unknown said...

I like this layout much better. It has a cleaner appearance. Glad you're up and running again.

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