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My Apple AIR finally  succumbed to screen cracks and battery failure, so and opted to get an  AIR 2.  Bought one for MoSup a year ago and was impressed with some of the features.  My real  gripe with my old machine was lack of memory.  As a life long Microsoft guy, which culture allows, even encourages, upgrading memory, I paid scant attention to its importance.  This time around I  went for the whole 128GB, and bought the cellular option as well, which gives me automatic WiFi access anywhere.  Amazon  prices ranged from $450 -$589 for recons, and were shipped by the owner.   I checked Apple and found  a recon price of $530, but they come with  Apple guarantee.  When it came I was surprised to find what appeared to be a  brand new, sealed box,  iPad.  If this was recon, then it's a spectacular recon.  FWIW, I would do it again.  And the 128 GB is like having a girlfriend who can last all night.

Product Name Product Number Item Price Quantity

$529.00 1 1 $529.00


Roy Lofquist said...

Last Christmas I gave my son an iPad, my daughter an iPhone and my wife an iRon. My rehabilitation is going nicely and I should be walking again soon.

toadold said...

They have a free version of AV that is suitable for personal use.

toadold said...

Also you can find a padded carrier at Wally World that does a pretty good job of protecting one and gives you room to carry need accessories (small hip flask).

mostly cajun said...

I'm into the second year with my iPad Pro. I love it. It's a bit bigger than the iPad Air, but not badly so.

I loved the iPad Air that the Pro replaced, too. Ditto on the cellular option. It brings with it the GPS/GLONASS features which have come in handy when my Garmin GPS misled me to a remote worksite. I came to the end of a road that Garmin said was on the way to my destination. I fired up my iPad, located myself, pulled up satellite view, located the station I needed, marked it, then let Apple Maps take me where I needed to be.

pdwalker said...

If you don't need the latest apple product, the refurb store is the way to go

JLW III said...

iPAD 2's won't load the current iOS 10.

Apple is chintzy with their RAM as well. This is what runs out first.

MAX Redline said...

I like to be able to upgrade without having to go to a vendor. And as AlGore's on the Apple board of directors, no thanks.

pdwalker said...

JLW III, nor the original ipad. Those are a few generations ago though, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. (I still use an ipad 2 for a reading device with iOS 9)

rwnutjob said...

I had Holiday Inn give me an iPad Pro 9.7, the smaller one. Yes I travel a lot for work. Cost me 250,000 points, which I have already replaced. I got the smaller one because I read in a tech blog that with the smaller one, Microsoft treats it like a phone & Office 365 is free instead of subscription based on the larger one. You have to hold your mouth just right, but you can download Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook for free. I have a company Dell laptop for work & use this for personal stuff.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I am no fan of Apple, but .... Crap! It's now no more domineering then Apple, and better engineered.

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