Monday, March 27, 2017

Kamala Harris Wins Most Horrific


Gov. Abbott pushing bill that would send ‘sanctuary city’ sheriff TO JAIL!

TIME Magazine’s Assault on Truth

Former Obama WH Officials Say They Were ORDERED to Sabotage Trump


drew458 said...

I couldn't believe a former AG like Harris could say such a thing, so I looked up her statement ... and while that isn't a quote, it sure is the gist. She's a total liberal, playing the race card and the gender card right out of the gate:

"The Senate’s responsibility to advise and consent on a lifetime Supreme Court appointment is one I take extremely seriously. I know from personal experience — as a prosecutor and as a beneficiary of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education ruling desegregating our nation’s schools — that the decisions handed down by the court touch every aspect of our lives.

The court has the power to do enormous good. In its finest moments, it has lived up to the words engraved above its doors — “Equal Justice Under Law” — and made America more just. It did so in Brown. It has affirmed a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions [ie abortion]. It has ruled marriage cannot be denied to anyone because of whom he or she loves. Every time you see a black child graduate from college, or a same-sex couple’s wedding — those are direct consequences of the Supreme Court’s actions."

I'm getting really tired of this I Be Black shit coming from mulattoes who are <=50% negro. The woman has a mother from India and a father from Jamaica. And the Brown decision was 10 years before she was born. She's married to a white guy, and is less Black looking than Mariah Carey. And while she may have spent her early childhood in Berkeley being a hippie kid, her mother soon moved them to a swanky WHITE neighborhood in Canada so she could teach at McGill. Ok, K.H. went to Howard. Probably leveraged Affirmative Action for a free ride. My point is she is only Black when it's convenient. But she's always a Leftist, and her judicial hero is Thurgood Marshall, who didn't give a flying fig about the Constitution. PS - guess who was Marshall's clerk? Elena Kagan.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris Wins Most Horrifically doctrinaire, stupid oath breaker.
FIFY, Kommie....uhh...Kamie.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

In other words, she's a Democrat.

drew458 said...

Well yeah. Total hypocrite right down to the bone, with no respect for the law unless it serves her immediate desires.

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