Thursday, March 16, 2017

Linda is Hard at Work



OregonGuy said...

Rome wasn't built on a journey with a thousand steps.

Anonymous said...

Slow and steady win the race

Linda Sue O'Grady said...


that pic! OMG.

Jess said...

I can hope she's not a nurse practitioner, but have a feeling she prescribes psychotropic medications, and does short arm inspections.

Chris in NC said...

Yay Linda!! :) :) :)

MAX Redline said...

I'm officially outraged. I may have to take to the streets to vent by fixing a few potholes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that a younger Nancy Pelosi? Before she lost her mind?

Anonymous said...

Y'mean back when she was Pelosi Galore?

toadold said...

Pelosi Galore! shame! shame! Shame! .....OK I did giggle at the name.
I don't think Pelosi on good day could blow up a balloon and decorate it.

Anonymous said...

Roger, did you get your notice that Verizon was no longer going to have real email? We did and elected to use their "keep your address" and migrated to AOL. What a clustah! Ads and bs. I think a lot of our existing mail is not getting through.

They say on their site that "other providers can do a better job" but, it has been my experience that AOL does nothing well and email appears to be another one of them. Corporate greed at it's finest.

If there was a viable alternative here (only Cox left) I would send Verizon to the curb. AOL SUX!


Anonymous said...

^Bolivar - Verizon SUX big time. Their website is the most convoluted and irritating clusterf*ck of any large company website I've ever seen.
Trying to get service, or trying to cancel a service call is, I think, intentionally designed to send you in circles to see more crap they want to sell you. No matter what path I take, I always have to wade through pages of advertising and always end up back at 'Sign in' (for the nth time) without finding a hot link to the action I'm looking for.

On top of that, their robovoice call options take forever, and with some luck and patience, you may eventually talk to someone who barely speaks English with an accent so heavy, most of the call is spent asking the service person to repeat or spell what she is saying.

Last week, I lucked out and had a service tech come to the house who knew what he was doing. In the past, anytime the power went out, the battery in the FIOS interface box would die, and I'd have to recharge it before the system would work after power was restored, and then it would die again a few days or weeks later. I've bought too many $45 batteries, so in self defense, I've been running the FIOS with a battery charger wired into the system for about four years now.
Now what kind of a system design needs a battery to run when power is on? A Verizon system, of course. What kind of a system has a power supply that is not capable of maintaining the charge on the battery that the system needs to run? Why, a Verizon system, of course.

This tech confirmed my diagnosis, took a pair of sidecutters and ripped out the power supply and all its wiring, then ripped out or broke off a bunch of interior partitions in the FIOS box to make room for a new power supply that's used in current FIOS boxes, and all is now well. No more battery.
If Verizon was worth a shit, they would have had a recall/repair order out for all these old boxes and saved many people the misery I've been having for more than eight years.
If Comcast were not worse, I'd be long gone.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Lt, we had the same issue with our phone too and I pulled the battery and we dropped their phone and tv and got Ooma and now we have an antenna and 40 channels there and Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and I subscribe to OAN. I am a happy camper and Verizon can suck it. I agree with you if I could do better I would.

Cox, being a cable system uses token ring for their internet and the more on the ring the slower your system. It was bad before but, FIOS hurt them bad. We have pretty good internet service (not as good as they claim though) but, I don't need all those worthless channels. I mean how many times have you wanted to watch Golf channel or some such bullshite????


gadfly said...


I stumbled on this blog post from Obscured Clarity that details exactly how to put an HTML footer at the end of each post. It seems to me that that would end your problem with the box that Rodger calls "Comments."

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