Friday, March 31, 2017


What I See

This is brilliant.  Trump's warning that he will work to cost Freedom Caucus House members their seats, in the mid terms, is a straw dog.  These conservatives are other side of Black Caucus Dems.  That is, they have constituencies who will support them unless they waver, and then elect someone who has backbone.   The upside for Trump, and he's smart enough to know this, is that in the eyes of the hystericals he will be seen as adjusting.

 I never did see Trump as a conservative, but rather a brilliant outsider who believes in free markets, law and order, a less invasive government, and strong military.  That's really all most of us care about anyway. Especially the law and order thing, (a poisonous atmosphere to Progressives).


Skoonj said...

This is an insult. President Trump apparently mistakes principles with a starting negotiating position. If I were a member of the Freedom Caucus, I wouldn't tolerate this. For my president, and the head of my party, to target me and threaten me for maintaining my principles, which is what I was elected for. I would not remain a Member of Congress for one more day. I would submit my letter of resignation to the head of the Freedom Caucus and to Speaker Ryan. I would fire my Washington and hometown staff. I would not serve in Congress one more day under these conditions.

Let Trump and Ryan talk to the Democrats to overturn Obamacare, reduce taxes, or any other part of his agenda. The Freedom Caucus was the one part of Congress Trump could count on. Standing firm against Ryancare was a major favor they did for Trump. Had they not opposed it, Ryancare would have been a disaster.

If one or two Freedom Caucus members resign from office, that would be an inconvenience for Trump and the RINO establishment. If all 36 resign, the Republicans can't hold their majority. Then, too late, Trump will see which side of his bread the butter is on.

Anonymous said...

^ A Pyrrhic victory, I'm afraid.
Bye bye SCOTUS, among other things. The RINOs would be content to take seconds at the trough and pretend to be important. The Conservatives, instead of resigning, could abstain from voting on a few lesser things and show RINOs and Trump what it costs if they are a no show.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

Trump and the rest of the RINOs should have thought of that before declaring war on them.

OC said...

Someone needs to remind this moron that the very people who SUPPORT the Freedom Caucus is who put his ass in the White House.

Jon Spencer said...

The challenge, it seems to me, is to convince the Republican congressmen who supported the Ryan health care bill, that they are unlikely to be defeated in their districts by a Democrat unless the voters sit out the vote or primary them. Our district is more conservative than our rep. He often disputes this at town hall meetings in spite of all the ratings published on the internet, even those by non-partisan sites. The rent-seeker/ power broker faction of our party has a lot of money but not too many votes. They need to be reminded of this from time-to-time.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thank goodness I have tenure.

Tom Smith said...

Trump negotiates best from a strength position. After that he really only knows how to do it the NY way. He may find himself looking for the reverse gear on that rig he is driving.

Anonymous said...

I am with Rodger, Trump will find a way to get most of what he wants. He is on a learning curve, not every move will work, second guessing every action he takes is a waste of time. My guess is we will see a lot of Democrats lose their seats in an unprecedented mid first term congressional election. Luigi

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Ah.. Luigi, henceforth know as "Luigi the Magnificent "

Anonymous said...

One underestimates The Donald at his (or her) own peril.

bravokilo said...

This reminds me of 2012.
Conservatives were outraged, OUTRAGED I SAY, that we should even consider Romney.
So...they gave us four more years of Obama.
My boy Cruz stood on his principles, and gave us the gift of continuing obamacare.
I understand that 'if phase 3 is so great, why didn't you start with phase 3?'
But it doesn't change the outcome.
The FC is acting like democrats here.
'No compromise. My way or no way.'

And FTR, I still have to disable noscript to see the rollover.
For now, I'll blame Palemoon-27.2.1.

Anonymous said...

We hired a guy to drain the swamp. It's a little disappointing to see him making friends with the snakes and alligators.
Moo-lin-yan Nabo-li-don

Murphy(AZ) said...

Trump and the establishment seem to have forgotten already who made it possible for them to be in charge now. They p*ss us off at their own peril.

guinspen said...

If Trump is an outsider, I'm the Real Queen of England.

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