Tuesday, April 04, 2017

#11- Will you testify against Hillary?

Here are ten questions that would have helped Rice focus her mind on the key issues:

1) We are talking about conversations between Flynn and Kislyak on December 29. Do you understand why reasonable people might suspect that this leak was part of a coordinated White House campaign to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s presidency?

2) You may not have leaked Flynn’s name, but one of your colleague’s did. Were you in the habit of sharing the unmasked identities of US persons with your NSC colleagues?

3) Did it occur to you at the time that this leak represented a severe breach in the firewall between the national security state and our democratic processes

4) Did you make any effort to identify and punish the leaker? To rebuild the firewall?

5) Did President Obama (who had seen to it that other leakers were severely punished) take any special steps to identify this leaker? To rebuild the firewall?

6) To your knowledge, was national security intelligence, including the identities of American persons in NSA intercepts, ever shared with Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications?

7) Did Rhodes have a TSSCI computer in his office from which he could readily retrieve top-secret intelligence?

8) Was it appropriate for Rhodes, whose job was to message the American people, to employ Ned Price, a CIA officer, as his deputy?

9) What duties did Price perform at the NSC?

10) Didn’t the Rhodes-Price relationship create the impression of impropriety? Did it not foster the impression of a breach in the firewall between the CIA’s foreign intelligence mission and Rhodes’s responsibility to provide truthful information to the American people?

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