Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Pudgy Dictator's Illusions

Too bad Australia isn't a nuclear power.  Nor is Japan.  Nor is South Korea. That leaves it up to the US to nuke the NORKS.  We have to have a combined attack using one or two tactical nukes, plus a considerable amount of
firepower on non-nuclear military sites.

What will be the hard part won't be taking out the NORK nuclear and other military capability.  The hard part will be taking care of the starving masses who will want to head for China and S Korea.  That's what will need the greatest planning ahead of the strike.

Stu & Skoonj

As laughable as that NorK freak is, well WWI began when some nut cake assassinated an Archduke and 17 million died, and anther 20 million were casualties. When the machine gun was the most lethal weapon.


Anonymous said...

Artillery killed more men than machine guns did in WW1.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Indeed ...

toadold said...

It has been rumored that it would take about an hour for Japan to have some atomic bombs put together. Israel probably already has some ready to go, it is just a wonderment what they'd target first, Iran or Brussels.

Chris in NC said...

No need to nuke them. Based upon the results so far, the rocket will explode on takeoff and nuke them for us

Anonymous said...

It's been said that the .380 automatic is the most powerful handgun in the world, because it only took one of those to start WW1.

Sir H the Comet

Skoonj said...

Chris in NC, well, there's that. I suggest a couple of tactical nukes so that nothing is retrievable from the pile. Use, say, a bunker buster to take out a fortified nuclear research location, and you will still be able to dig out some of the dangerous nuclear components and maybe their engineers. With a nuke you don't have to worry about how much they can dig out, since it won't be anything. There are only a very few sites that need this treatment, and I take it for granted our intel knows where they are.

The NORKS also have considerable artillery, but again, I believe we know where they are.

Feeding starving refugees will be the hard part.

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