Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad holds fervent anti-Trump beliefs according to his social media profile, and he told police afterward that he hates white people. (RELATED: Muslim Shooter Kills Three Whites In Fresno)

Rather than reporting the gunman’s literal words, however, the AP reported the gunman as saying “God is great.”

On Twitter, the AP’s report gave no indication that the suspect’s words were said in Arabic.


Tom Smith said...

I do think the average, non-political, American has a better BS meter after the last 8 years and will hopefully get it tuned a little better with Trump calling it out. While Bush was maybe a nice guy I have grown exhausted at all the timid talking Republicans.

Anonymous said...

A.P. sucks, and there is no refining it.

Sir H the Comet

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sucks, I received an email asking me to subscribe to the Washington Post.
The letterhead said:

The Washington Post
Democracy Dies in Darkness

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a place anywhere to reply "Democracy Dies in Your Lies".
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Unknown said...

Tailgunner dick, you should've said, "The Washington Post comes from and belongs in 'darkness', as in 'stick it where the sun don't shine!'"

Meanwhile, contrast this Fresno murder story with the story of the last few days of Steve Stephens, who murdered a random stranger and put it on YouTube. Of course he was roundly and soundly condemned by all, because he and his victim were both black, so there was no way to find a racial angle to it.

But in this case, d'ya think the condemnation will be as universal? I think not; I think a significant portion of our population, publicly or privately, will say, "Well, I can understand how the brotha felt!"

Anonymous said...

^ Stu - "condemnation? ...lotsa luck on that one. Where are the usual suspects yelling for "hate crime" prosecution for the Fresno hate crime? The killer sure as hell declared racial hatred and acted on it. ....crickets....

I'm glad I'm old. If I were young and full of testosterone, I'd have been arrested by now for bashing in some nonsense-shrieking Progtard's face. They make me ill, incredulous and angry all at the same time.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

toadold said...

Any one for Martial Law ?

Anonymous said...

^ Depends on who the Marshall is. If the Marshall would only enforce existing laws on vandalism, assault, theft and fraud (see: Clinton Foundation), malfeasance in office, perjury(see: Benghazi), sedition (see: Clinton/Russia uranium deal), etc., I'd be happy to see "Marshall" law. If you make it a crime to mask one's face on a public street, other than a masked ball, Mardi Gras or Halloween, I'm for it. If you mean local cops and a few Feds sweeping up the masked manglers and doling out jail time based on existing law, I'm all for that. If you're talking about weaponized government agency personnel kicking down people and doors based on mass collection of phone conversations, I'll pass.

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Unknown said...

Martial law? Under a Demonrat regime, we were worried that martial law (one element of which would be gun confiscation, but with the "inner cities" the last to be targeted) was part of their agenda, and that the impetus to invoke martial law would be the inevitable (and I believe long overdue) "backlash" by "traditional", otherwise law-abiding Americans, in the form of vigilantism or "street justice". Frankly, I'd like to see some street justice, and maybe our current administration won't be so quick to respond with Draconian measures.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

They don't want to "Make the Black Kids Angry", and also must be careful not to make the Mohammedans mad and get a fatwa on their head. Just why did they pursue a career in journalism, anyway? A day without blasphemy is a day as a Dhimmi!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

We're in the same bed Stu

Unknown said...

RTRKOF wrote:
"We're in the same bed Stu"

Gee, Raja, even metaphorically I'm not entirely sure I Iike the sound of that.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'm on top, oui?

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