Wednesday, April 05, 2017


           I'm  MAD AS HELL!
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Neoconservative publisher of the Weekly Standard William Kristol tweeted in February that while he “strongly” prefers “normal democratic and constitutional politics,” he would “prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”

... The best way to answer this question is to look at some of the major coups the CIA has supported throughout its history. A plot against Trump would be a very different undertaking, and no two overthrows have been alike to date. There are, however, some significant commonalities among the major coups backed or attempted by the CIA.

These commonalities are basic facts of life for a coup, and if they are plotting against the duly-elected president of the United States then they are working on them right now. Some seem to be taking place, others will remain invisible for years to come and others are important signs to watch for because, in the end even if you despise Trump for the threat he poses to democracy and all life on earth, the costs of a coup are, as we’ll see, devastating.

Any CIA plot against Trump’s regime or any other government will begin and end with concerted propaganda campaigns and political intrigue. This is fundamental to every coup, because they are always trying to convince a small group of people that they can take on the entire government at once and win. In the end, coups are always rooted in psychological warfare.


Overt press manipulation also made a big difference. Once CIA planted stories appeared in The New York Times — and the “newspaper of record” repeatedly published such pieces — or the major papers in Latin American capitals it was only natural that other major newspapers in the region would pick them up and spread the story. That slant would then pervade elite opinion around the world.

It is in this regard that we see the see the most obvious present evidence of possible CIA machinations against Trump. CIA sources leaked surveillance of the Russian foreign minister to force the removal of Michael Flynn as national security adviser. Other sources for other key stories on this front seem to be coming from the CIA, but this one proves that at least one spy with the highest levels of access was working the press.

The more of this we see, the more we should be concerned. Most importantly — if formerly pro-Trump publications quickly turn on the president without warning or if we begin to see a great deal of very targeted propaganda clearly trying to flip Trump’s base against him or against other elements of his support structure then we should be especially concerned. [FULL STORY]

Of course the begged question is, "What can he do about it?"  Well, for one thing he can use a tool G.W. Bush,  to his discredit, failed to take advantage of: The Bully Pulpit.  Take to the airways and lay out the facts. Bluntly.  Ferociously.  Call it what is is; a plot to overthrow the government, and vow that hence forth charges will be filed; arrests made. (Waterboarding will not be mentioned.)

But Rodge!  That will only allow snowflakes to cry Hitler all he louder!

So what.  This is a war to save our nation, and ... . What would George Washington, or Lincoln, or Eisenhower do ?  That's right. Chop Chop.

Or something like that


Anonymous said...

Did you originally link to this? I still love it!


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Whoa! If I did I forget ... good catch

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