Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bunny Slippers Gets Schooled


Anonymous said...

The Iraq war was justified and necessary. It really angers me how people today just knee-jerk react when the subject is brought up.
For decades, the US was accused of, and did, prop up dictators for our own purposes (tbf, as all other world powers do). It was used as a club against us.
Bush proved that they didn't want freedom.
It was a gamble, but the payoff of a democratic Iraq would have been enormous. The chance had to be taken, just once. The question had to be settled.

As to nation-building: The U.S. had many years of hardship following our out revolution. The fighting went on in the South and West. Whiskey Rebellion. Alien and Sedition Act. Etc.
Iraq is far from perfect, but they may still make it. Look at Libya for the cost of not doing it.
OF COURSE everything didn't go perfectly. But instead of learning lessons like intelligent beings, we now blindly scream 'no nationbuilding!1!!'

9/10 of Americans wanted it. We had September 11, a beltway sniper, at least two other planes crashed into buildings, and mass-mailings of poison to political leaders. Saddam was paying bounties to suicide bombers and attackers of our allies, and claiming he had WMD's, which we knew he'd used recently. (And yes, we found a lot during and after the invasion.)
Then, like now, we all agreed that something had to be done about those arabs. We were being attacked, and none one else could do it. Bill Clinton signed the removal of Saddam into US law.
As you read this, recall the 20+ flights per day leaving Iraq for Syria.

I could go on and on. This is like climate change. If you've decided 'iraq is bad!1!' then no amount of reasoning will help. You have to have some intellectual honesty and curiousity.

gadfly said...

So if Trump is not a conservative (and I agree he is not), how is it that conservative folks, like our host, latched onto him as their candidate?

And how did a self-loving billionaire convince anyone that he is a populist? In the end he didn't even compile the most votes.

How is it that any of Trump's conservative voters find spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure an attractive campaign promise? How soon we forget how poorly Obama's ill-conceived government spending worked out for the economy.

SCOTUS picks by any of the 16 Republican candidates would have been similar to the Republican Party agenda, and Trump's first named some liberal's such as his sister as a possibility.

As for pointless wars, perhaps we should worry about WWIII.

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