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"Everybody loves the mortgage interest deduction, but, frankly, it encourages all of us to buy McMansions. Not a great thing." Rana Foroohar
RUSH: Folks, this is the sound bite. This is what I saw right as the program was starting today, this twit, right, that was on CNN. Her name is Rana Foroohar, and she’s a Financial Times columnist. She’s talking to Kate Bolduan at CNN about the upcoming Trump tax cut plan.

FOROOHAR: I fundamentally don’t see any proof in the last 20 years that tax cuts have really created growth. There’s just not a lot of evidence that this works. And really, if you look back historically, businesses don’t invest because of low tax rates. They invest because they find new ideas and an environment in which they think that they can make money. I do also think that it’s important, if we are gonna have tax cuts, that we figure out a way to pay for it, because otherwise you end up running up the deficit, which is exactly, actually, what happened during the Reagan era.

RUSH: There it is. It’s classic. That is purebred denial and ignorance. (imitating Foroohar) “I fundamentally don’t see any proof in the last 20 years that tax cuts have really created growth.” Really? “And I don’t think businesses, just ’cause they have more money, that’s not why they invest, you can’t count on that. Businesses suck anyway. And then, we’re gonna really find a way to pay for it and we’re gonna run up the deficit which is exactly what happened in the Reagan era.” No, no, no. The deficit came down in the Reagan era. It’s Obama who blew the deficit and national debt out of the water.

One more audio sound bite from this babe from the Financial Times. She was on CNN around noontime today. Her name is Rana Foroohar. This is the sound bite where she says that the home mortgage deduction is really, really not good.

FAROOHAR: (laughing) Well, okay, first of all, yeah, great, if we could do it on a postcard, awesome, not holding my breath for that. I will say that, you know, when you talk to both individuals and businesses, they’ll say that the complexity, the sheer complexity of the U.S. tax code, even more than the rate, is really an issue for people. Deductions are a big issue too. I mean, I think it’s really important that we start closing some of these loopholes, particularly unproductive kinds of tax subsidized debt for both individuals and corporations. Everybody loves the mortgage interest deduction, but, frankly, it encourages all of us to buy McMansions. Not a great thing.

RUSH: Who the hell does she think is her audience? How many people watching CNN are out buying McMansions? Does this woman have no ability to relate? You know, she lives in this media bubble, and it does exist. But the problem is they live on the Upper West Side, if they’re in Manhattan, or they live down in the Village and they think everybody’s doing great, everybody’s doing fine. They don’t understand what life is like in the Rust Belt. They didn’t understand why Trump had support out there, and they’re stunned.

Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Boost Revenue, Just Like Reagan’s (4/26/17)

Gleaned this from Rush yesterday, part of a "clip&save" monologue on the utter fecklessness and idiocy that describe Democrat's understanding of any thing having to do with tax/finance. My long held theory is the DNA makeup of those who become Dem lawmakers renders useless any attempt to understand the subject (along with "national security.)  But, when he played a clip of Lana Faroohar, who for chrissake is the new analyst for the Financial Times!, I for a second considered driving my car into a bridge abutment.  She is so damned ignorant of, and lacking common sense about, well, anything, that I'm afraid Massachusetts will send her to the U.S. Senate.


Anonymous said...

Not if NY grabs her first.

Anonymous said...

Foobar has a B.A. in English literature and she's an "assistant managing editor" for Time Magazine. All six pages of it. Wow.
Now them there are some real credentials to opine on national finance and economics. Her parents are Iranian?
OK. More credentials toward her credibility.
Why on earth would any news network give her any air time? She reads the Narrative well. OK. I give up.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Unknown said...

I wonder if her parents knew that "Rana" is Spanish for "frog"?

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