Sunday, April 02, 2017

Mr Obama's ‘Sleeper Cells’

   HELTER SKELTER                          

Not asking you to watch the entire video, but at least 10 minutes to get a feel ...

  • She reveals that there is a blatant war on American sovereignty taking place, being orchestrated by Barrack Hussein Obama who continues to violate the law through by blocking President Trump’s ban with judicial activism. Obama is secretly planting his Muslim foot soldiers in America, as thousands of these unvetted vermin continue to come to America under the guise of the “refugee” program.
After attending many meetings with the United Nations’ Office of Refugee Monitoring, she was able to drop the following bombshell on the sickening invasion taking place in America. She reveals that not only are these individuals flown into America at night so they go under the radar, but that they’re being thrown on a plane and flown into our country with absolutely zero vetting process. She notes that many of them have many highly-contagious archaic diseases that were once eradicated from the United States, including leprosy, tuberculosis, smallpox, polio, and giardia.

She also dispels the propaganda that the invaders are primarily women and children, a tactic to pull on the heartstrings of the American people, stating “The vast majority of ‘refugees’ that we’ve received here in Missouri have been males, between the ages of 15 and upwards towards 40, 45 years old.” Josh Tolley notes the similarity to the situation we seen playing out in Europe.

Even more disturbing is that after immediately given Social Security benefits once they get to America, these invaders are then given complete new identities through social security cards and US passports. And if states refuse to exercise their rights and refuse to play ball with these invasion programs, the Federal government has a backup plan for that too. The  Wilson-Fish Program gives the federal government “legal” authority to go in and violate state sovereignty, dropping off these Muslim invaders wherever they damn well choose. With these terrorists now free to roam, sleeper cells can then be activated at a moment’s notice to carry out terror attacks on Americans.


This is all stuff most of us knew; but Miss X  here adds details, and first person insight, about the clandestine UN 'policy  group.  Two things, small things, stick in my mind.  She says that early on in the seminar she found herself in a state of utter disbelief. "I look around the room to see reaction from other attendees, and was further shacked to note an air of utter complacency." 

The second thing was when she  framed what was going with this refugee program as "invasion by a foreign army.
" Now, while I've always thought of this Obama initiative as an invasion, "foreign army" made it stark and horrifying reality. It is by no means hyperbole to equate what's happening to, say,  if Roosevelt had established a refugee program for the  Waffen-SS.  

Need I say more?  Okay, how about Plan B "Michelle Obama 2020? Brilliant or desperate presidential candidate?"


Anonymous said...

This is no surprise to me. I am just waiting for one of these vermin to strike and then Obama and his cronies can be tried and executed for treason. I would gladly push the button or plunger for him or Jarrett.


Murphy(AZ) said...

We are our own worst enemy. Politicians of any stripe who support the over-reaching Liberal judges power grab, politicians who stand silent and do nothing are as much the enemy as the invaders are. We allow these co-conspirators to prosper at our own peril.

Anonymous said...

I know a person retired from 40 years service in an alphabet, who got into his cups a bit two or three years ago, and told me there were over a thousand cell in the USA. They are the ones the alphabet agencies know about. How many others are there?
Lone wolves, my a*s. During during WW2, or anytime within J. Edgar's tenure, Buraq would be behind bars forever or awaiting a noose.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Stu Tarlowe said...

Mohammed from next door rang my doorbell. "A bible for you was delivered to my house by mistake," he told me. "I burned it so you would know what it feels like to be a Muslim who has had his religion insulted. " He was right! I did feel like a Muslim who had had his religion insulted! So I cut his fucking head off.

pdwalker said...


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