Friday, April 14, 2017


In a comment to "U.N. caught in child sex ring" pdwalker said...

"wake me up when the arrests start. until then, it's all noise with the "powerful" continuing to get away with their crimes and rubbing our noses in it."

Which triggers me to say that my mail box is clogged with allegations and counter allegations about everything.  Just about everyone of them can be sourced to wikileaked files; all of which were pulled from the source, and all of which beg the questions "Why haven't both Hillary Inc., And Obama Inc, and DNC Ink, been indicted, and arrested?"   Why has the  Clinton Foundation fraud investigation disappeared from the conversation? So, it's all bullshit until I see some perp walks. 


toadold said...

If I was in the DOJ I'd think real careful about those bomb strikes in Syria and Afghanistan. Trumps people are likely to drop the bomb on them metaphorically speaking....Of course they could use real bombs and nobody but Democrats would care and fewer and fewer people care what they think.

pdwalker said...

We *know* there is a lot of monkey business going on; look at all the information about the number of confirmed, high ranking pedophiles in the U.K. Government over the years. There is so much smoke, that the real fire must be huge.

My cynical comment is because I've heard so many times, "arrests immanent, arrests at 11", only to have everything disappear into a memory hole that I have no expectations of any change unless the whole rotten edifice is burned to the ground.

I pray for a reckoning.

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