Friday, April 07, 2017

Snagged Comment

It’s almost impossible to overstate how important this (Gorsuch)  was.  Had this seat gone to the radical left, the country would have been irreparably damaged and a whole swath of your rights would have been gutted.
Pop the champagne, folks.  This one was “All the marbles.”


Leonard Jones said...

For the first time in my life, the electorate got it! In addition to Obummercare,
unemployment, feckless and incompitant president, elitist communist lesbian in a
Mao Jacket with the charisma of a stone, etc. Stopping Hillary from appoining a
radical supreme court justice was at the top of the list or very close to the top
in multiple polls.

It was also a rebellion against the insanity of political correctness and multi-

Going into the election, the voters understood the stakes. One more activist judge,
and it would have been Adios America!

Hugh Hewitt:

High stakes indeed. All those appointments should be top of mind for voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. The GOP has to win in 2016, or the Supreme Court and indeed the entire judiciary becomes a permanent conveyor belt of collectivist whims.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Trump Spring!

JLW III said...

What's up with Drudge? It's been almost 24 hours and no mention of the confirmation.

Eskyman said...

Thank God and President Trump!

Now we just have to hope that Goresuch is actually what he appears to be. We've been fooled in the past!

I'm praying that this time he's actually the originalist judge that we desperately need, who will examine something's Constitutionality by actually examining the text of the Constitution (and who will forego the despicable practice of penumbras and emanations, i.e. making it up out of whole cloth.)

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