Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Big Yawn

Author and political activist Noam "The Red" Chomsky said Tuesday he believes President Donald Trump will likely stage a terrorist attack on the United States during his time in office to bolster his domestic support….

Chomsky first said that Trump would not fulfill his past promises of focusing on the economy and bringing back manufacturing jobs.
“Sooner or later this con game is not going to work,” said Chomsky, a linguistics professor. “People will understand he’s not bringing back jobs, he’s not going to recreate the partly illusory, partly real picture of what life was like in the past with manufacturing jobs, and a functioning society where you can get ahead and so on and so forth, he’s not going to create that.”

Chomsky then explained his belief that Trump would stage an attack on America after trying to pin blame for problems on other groups….  (Tammy Bruce via skoonj)

Of course, to Chomsky, making Neil Gorsuch a Supreme is nuclear. 


Stu Tarlowe said...

Once again, besides hypocrisy, the Left's strong suit is projection. If anybody's going to stage a Reichstag moment, it ain't likely to be Trump.

toadold said...

To paraphrase, I think Trump wont burn down one building when he goes after the left:
"Kill them all, God will know his own." The CIA,NSA,State Dept., DOE, and etc. Will all get a visit in one fell Swoop. Barn Army Air Force may get an invite.

jlw said...

here's another one:

fightin' dan rather USMC

MAX Redline said...

Well, Noam's a 'Ski, so we already know he's an ass. Who cares what he believes (note that I did not say "think") What a dork.

Cheesy said...

Will Democrats ever realize, much less acknowledge, that their dire predictions NEVER come true?

Anonymous said...

"Well, Noam's a 'Ski, so we already know he's an ass."

Wow. Just Wow! So your name is your destiny, eh? And I guess Pulaski, among others, was an ass, eh?

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