Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tim Tebow Rules

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“We’ve got to stop this,” Sharpe demanded. “Here’s a guy who is going to try every sport until he finds something he’s good at. How about he’s not good at anything.”

Oddly, I just yesterday watched, on ESPN's "30-30" series, the saga of  Michael Jordan quitting the NBA so he could play baseball.   A paean to his murdered father, who always thought he should have played in the major leagues.  Abruptly quiting the Chicago Bulls, who were about to attempt a fourth straight NBA championship, he stunned the sporting world.  In response, and taking Sports Illustrated's lead, the press condemned him, claiming he was taking a roster spot in the White Sox minor league system from someone who deserved it, and other such nonsense.

Now, in his case, the sporting world considered, and still does, Jordan to be the greatest NBA player of all time.  The NBA were devastated.  In Tebow's case, the Shannon Sharps of the sporting world despised him from day one, arguing that the Heisman Trophy winner was a fluke, and ought not even be drafted.  Huh? It was clear that what bothered them was Tebow's open respect for his Christianity.  That he publicly thanked God for his talent and success was anathema to the largely political left ESPN machine that's succeeded Sports Illustrated as the arbiter of all things in the sporting world.

On the bright side, ESPN's blatant political attacks on Trump have led to a massive fall in viewer ship, and are they are hemorrhaging viewers.  Thank you God. My advice to Shannon Sharp is, don't make any new  financial commitments.

You can watch "Jordan ride the bus"  HERE. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a Sooner, still hurts to say, he was one hell of a player. Got his ass blackballed for an abortion commercial, but still went on to give Denver a playoff they didn't have a chance of being in. Professional sports are evil now. Tim got his, Tom read his book, and broke it off in their ass. Tim didn't have a Belichic. -Anymouse

Esteve said...

My late son coached Robbie Tebow in high school in Jacksonville, FL. The talk was always about his little brother who was thought to be the best baseball player in town. That little brother was Tim and he was thirteen. Despite what Sharpe says, Tebow can play baseball. He's not searching for a sport to play. Let the kid have fun while he can.

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