Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today's Toons



Skoonj said...
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Eskyman said...

Good collection!

Sadly though- they show the division that America now has. There are two distinct and very different Americas now; one cannot live with another. People are moving to places where people share their values, and my time isn't long for California, where I was born & bred. I may be crazy, but I'm just not enough of a moonbat for CA anymore.

In the last couple of weeks our local neighborhood "newspaper" (which is now electronic) has had several posts showing the division: one lady posted her view that jet contrails are "the gov't poisoning the population" which caused a stir (but showed how many moonbats live around me,) and then someone wanted to collect money to buy a car for some immigrant Somalians who were coming to our neighborhood; finally, someone who wanted to "stop people bullying muslim students at school." All these posts generated a LOT of discussion, which is ongoing; much of it is vicious and threatening.

The heat is building, the pot is being stirred. When will it boil over?

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