Friday, May 05, 2017

By Their Words Ye Shall Know Them

Al Sharpton Told Blacks To Kill Cops In A Speech, But He Didn't Know The Camera Was ON!"
We all know Al Sharpton is a massive scumbag, but this video proves that he's also a hate monger, racist, and violent dictator of the ... black community

Everything Dr. Martin Luther King was, Al Sharpton isn't. Sharpton has taken the King mantra and made it into a joke (FULL)


JLW III said...

This, of course, makes him an ideal councilor to the Democrat party as he was to Obama.

Unknown said...

For anyone for whom the names Tawana Brawley and Alton Maddox ring a bell, this isn't news. But it doesn't hurt to be reminded. And let's not forget Freddie's Fashion Mart, and Yankel Rosenbaum; Sharpton isn't just a racist scumbag, he has blood on his hands.

Eskyman said...

I'll choose (e)All The Above Are Correct, and add that Sharptongue also owes massive amounts of money to the IRS.

None of which matters. He's that magic color which absolves him of all wrongdoing and makes him a saint, just below the Messiah Oblamabama in the Democratic pantheon.

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