Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend projects. Not.

GREAT cinema à la carte

Grand Designs  is worth paying for Netflix as a stand alone.   Two seasons cover 15 of the most mind boggling architectural house projects extant.  Trust me. Whoa! It appears that other episodes  are available  free. And HERE, too!.


Alien said...

I'd judge about 25% of each Grand Designs episode to be worth watching; unfortunately, one has to watch all 100% of each episode to get the random 25% that's worthwhile. 75% is the "feelz" part - interviewing the homeowners, asking how they are dealing with this or that issue, video of the homeowners' kids, dog, parrot and gerbil, etc.

This is the same thing that has made This Old House nearly worthless, and avoiding it was what made Dean Johnson's Hometime worth watching. Building a livable house, especially one with unique contstraints or family requirements, is both an architectural and construction challenge - material choices, assembly of those materials, house positioning, arrangement of spaces (particularly how those spaces can be used, and the flow between them), incorporating unique features, avoiding pitfalls, etc. - and I'm most interested in how design was used to accommodate those challenges, meaning I want the architect to - briefly - 'splain the whys and wherefores. I also want to see how the constructors met those assembly challenges (it's video with audio, so use the full features of the medium), not how much Cletus reveres his f***ing favorite hammer or who must be fellated to obtain permits.

When This Old House actually shows how Tommy and Norm accomplish stuff - technique and materials - the architect designed it's great; when whats-his-name-the-host takes the viewer on a 10-minute tour of wallpaper selection it's a waste of air time. But I expect that from PBS. Grand Designs falls into the same lefty trap.

oy vey ole' said...

The tower includes a "his and his shower." I think I'll pass.

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