Tuesday, May 16, 2017



drew458 said...

Bezos, Soros, Soreheads. All a bunch of commie traitors as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on whether a majority of the American people are able to detect the motivations behind this nincompoopery.

Anonymous said...

Well all those dirty fly-over people actually got their way. The Pilgrim-Marxists just cannot tolerate that. After the Alinsky bunch got their way for 8-12 years, there can be no resetting. The vast divisions in the country are getting clearer, the soft civil war has started. -Anymouse

Skoonj said...

I wonder if the Washington Post's White House credentials can be revoked. Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying since February that a "coup" has been unfolding right before our eyes. Now there is a daily "IED" released through the enemies of the State {e.g. the msm}. The sabotage of the Presidency is now taking place daily from the Intel community and from within the White House.

This is going to get real ugly, our Country is in a real dangerous time.


Anonymous said...

You should include the financial market talking heads as well. They are blaming this normal correction (Dow down 2.6%)of an overbought stock market on "Trump's Security Leak". If Trump can't decide what intelligence information he wants to share who can?

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