Wednesday, May 10, 2017


King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Nov 1, 2016

By my count that was the 1,781st time  Donald Trump promised to erase Obamacare if he was elected. 

He was elected.

Which means it was a winning issue.

 Now, finally, it's kilt ... at least in the House.  What of the Senate?  It seems the GOP are scared to death by leftist rhetoric predicting utter doom if  they repeal.  And it's not just leftists. 
Here's Ann Coulter:

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Watters’ World,” author Ann Coulter reacted to the Obamacare repeal passing House vote, saying she hopes it does not pass in the Senate because it will be a win for the Democrats in 2018.

“So, the Democrats think this is going to cost House Republicans in 2018. How do you see it?” host Jesse Watters asked Coulter.

“I think it probably will,” she replied. “Let’s hope it doesn’t pass the Senate. Healthcare has been socialist for a long time in this country, even before Obamacare came along. We have Veterans Affairs, Social Security Disability, Medicare; Medicaid … Socialism doesn’t work. I don’t know why we have to keep explaining this to our representatives. It doesn’t work. What you want is a free market. They won’t separate the welfare cases from the free market cases. America is not going to allow people to die on the street.”

Oh my.  Has Ann forgotten that the only way the Obama Care Act was passed (polls showed a public overwhelmingly against it),  was with an ill gotten super majority.  And, even there Obama had to bribe key Senators to vote for it (all of whom are no longer Senators).  There was no mandate.  But there was a mandate to get rid of it, Ann.  I love you to death, but—and I'm just saying—Obama still has never produced a valid birth certificate, for whatever that portends.  There is no argument about that. Ahem. 
What?  Oh, my.  I beg your pardon.  Good girl.  We all make mistakes.

In conclusion, then, stab Obamacare in the heart; allow us to shop across state lines for the best medical insurance deal; and let's move forward with sending Hillary to jail, culling the herd of illegal immigrants, and packing the courts with constitutionalists. 

Say Amen


Drew458 said...

That's about the weakest Birther stance I've ever seen. And I'm pretty certain that it was Ann who was one of the first on the Right to call the Birthers crazy. Pitching for Romney, the Swiftboat thing, slamming the Birthers; Annie was a bit off the rails there for a few years.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that requiring that a company ignore a pre-existing condition means that they cannot sell real insurance. I thought Ann had a great idea. Leave Obamacare for the charity cases and allow the rest of us low prices by totally de-regulating health insurance for the rest of us. No state restrictions, no pre-existing conditions conditions, no snowflakes on it until 26 (unless its included in your premium), buy any form you want from anybody, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

She still has nice gams.

gadfly said...

We have to get on top of the problem and look for an overall solution to government-run healthcare - which always fails because of over-regulation and and bureaucracy. We need to repeal O-Care and not replace it with anything. Then we can return to real free-trade insurance based upon actuarial tables and choices as to how much and what insurance we need and can afford.

But the government has to run out of the business and the the insurance companies and the healthcare industry's scheme to arrange for both to make big profits has to be brought down. Why do they get final say on how much gets charged and paid? Let's start with limiting how much can be awarded for successful lawsuits against doctors. Then we can go to published price lists and doctor-patient negotiations. No more third-party payments to doctors you never knew.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Drew458; Yess, she was the first conservative to trash the birthers (me), and it made no sense. She has now, or at least the first time I've seen it, acknowledged Obama; specious "Birth Certificates (plural).

David said...

Trump and many other pols ran on the "repeal obamacare" platform.

Now that they are elected all we hear is "Repeal and Replace."

Show me one person who voted for "and replace"

Anonymous said...

What is it about "Unsustainable" they don't get?
It all started when medical care facilities were mandated by the feds to provide care regardless of legal status or ability to pay, which began the 'anchor baby' assault and the inevitable result.
Health care, illegal problems all source from that.
Government has no business being involved in my health care.

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