Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hittin' Bone Here Boss

[... ]I'm talking the DNC; I'm talking the media. This destroys the credibility of anyone that's been pushing this Russia story.  And if the Republicans know that they can have that card that can totally bring down the opposition,  and I mean a permanent way, and if they are not using that card either the RNC has a vested interest in not taking down their opposition, And I'm talking about every senator and every congressman,  because all it would take is one;  put a little pressure on the local police department,  or one guy with a little bit of weight at the FBI stepping in and saying ....


Anonymous said...

Noted "Mr. Anti-Statist" himself, Ron Paul, also notably silent.

Skoonj said...

One America News is covering the murder of Seth Rich, and doing it well. With the surrender of Fox, I think that makes them the only actual network TV source covering the murder. I get it on Prism, which is from Century Link. They are on several others now. Owned by Robert Herring. There is very little advertising on OAN and sister station A Wealth of Entertainment. Just an employment software company, some cruise lines that have shows on AWE, and adverts for shows on the networks. There are only two opinion shows. Tomi Lahren had one of them, but I think they can't afford high priced talent (little likelihood of a Bill O'Reilly). Tomi went on to Blaze, until she said the wrong thing on The View.

Skoonj said...

One America News today said that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are considering leaving the administration and going back to private life. If true, that is fantastic news.

Also, Reince Priebus is under consideration to be ambassador to Greece. This would get him out of his current job as White House chief of staff. In my opinion, this is also fantastic news.

OAN has been getting a lot of good breaking stories fro their White House reporter, Trey Yingst. I think those stories above came from him, as did a story on Seth Rich, which caught fire the other day.

Like most of the staff at OAN, he's very young. From the news readers, you do get the occasional mispronunciation or incorrect word they'd have known if they had been around longer. I can live with it.

Anonymous said...

Skoonj - what you said! J&I are NY Libs and are bound to shift Trump on some issues, esp. the paid family leave crap.
And Rice Penis is a RINO. All he could do for Trump is provide some insight on how to get along with the Establishment. That's not draining The Swamp. I'm not interested in making nice-nice with those turds; I want them relegated to back bench status or unemployed. Article V Convention, anyone?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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